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This remoteness protects our flocks from common disease and infection issues often associated with large free range poultry farming operations. The lower rainfall protects the birds and their ranges from poultry disease and welfare issues associated with wet and boggy conditions.

Our birds live in spacious, climate-controlled sheds and have access to over 12 hectares of range every day. This meets or exceeds the definition of free-range as laid down in the standard of 1500 birds per hectare. What this really means is each bird effectively has a bedroom sized piece of land available all to itself. They have man made shade provided for them to offer protection from the weather.

When inside the shed the density of the birds is much lower than normal free-range birds and considerably less than cage free birds. The birds have areas inside the sheds where they can scratch and dust bathe, as well as uncrowded access to feed and water 24 hours a day.

We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy