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We use the Hyline Brown laying hen. These are a hardy, low maintenance bird that has adapted well to the organic diet they are fed. We raise our birds from 1 day of age on an organically certified diet at a certified organic rearing farm in Moorooduc on the Mornington Peninsula. The birds receive vaccinations at this site to meet government and industry mandated biosecurity and infectious disease control regulations.

Our birds are transferred as a batch to the laying farm in Beauchamp where they remain on an organic certified diet but receive no further vaccinations or medications. Only if the birds are challenged by a disease or illness that impacts their welfare will they receive any preventative medications or vaccinations, and you can be assured none of our laying hens have received anti-biotics in their lives.

Whilst we are proud of our farm, we restrict visitors to only those that have a formal reason to attend, such as veterinarians, suppliers such as feed and water trucks, and transport such as hens and eggs.

Our remoteness and strict biosecurity regulations are our foremost line of defence for our bird’s wellbeing, to prevent many of the illnesses and diseases associated with other farming operations.